DSTAT Property Management

& Compliance, LLC.

"Acquiring property is YOUR mission, but maintaining and developing is OURS."


Welcome to DSTAT Property Management & Compliance, LLC.

Purchasing real estate is only the first part of investing in real estate. Maintaining the property for yourself as owner, or for the next owner is crucial. Using the DSTAT management team is a good investment. When you are ready to sell, the next purchaser, or investor, will buy from you depending on the physical condition and value​ of the property. At DSTAT we respect our Owners need to utilize the most cost effective methods to manage their property, perform maintenance and repairs, but to perform such that are done with quality and are compliant with local building codes. It's much cheaper to maintain it as you go for a few hundred dollars, than to wait for closing day, or a judicial hearing at the Department of Buildings, and it cost you thousands!